We finished 2020 season!
We will open on middle of April, 2021!!

We would like to thank the many guests who have come, despite this being kayak tours first year.
Reservations for the this year have started!!

Many guests are expected to come GW(5/2〜10),summer vacation(8/8〜16).
So please reserve early!

We look forward to seeing you!

The tour takes about 2 hours!
The instructor will lecture you on how to ride carefully!
You can enjoy the tour even if it’s your first time kayaking!
Our kayaks are light and safe, even ladies and children can find it easy to handle.

Let’s try landing on the floating island [Hatsushima] !
The cityscape from the lake will surely be a good memory of your Suwa trip!

Enjoy a safe and secure kayak tour with a guide.
We have prepared the necessary equipment (kayak, paddle, life jacket) for a great kayaking experience!

Advance reservations are required.
We recommend early reservations especially during peak season.
For reservations, please call or fill in the inquiry form.

Reservation by phone

Advance reservations are required, and internet reservations are accepted up to the day before the reservation date.

Please contact us by phone if you would like to reserve on the same day.

Reservation for
Suwako-kayak  tel:090-7711-3233

Tours may not be held immediately due to weather conditions.
Tours may not be held due to strong winds even in fine weather.
(Due to the character of Lake Suwa)
Tours may not be held immediately if wind speeds exceed 5m/s.
We consider customer safety first. Thank you for your understanding.
【Capacity of a tour】 15 persons
(Single-seater: and 10 boats / 2-seater: 5 boats)

We will increase the number of kayaks to accept more customers.

For customers with small children
Life jackets are available for heights 85cm and above. Please note that we will refuse boating for children under 85cm tall for safety reasons.

There is no dressing room. We will help at any time. Please speak to the staff.

Boating with pets such as dogs is also possible!
If your pets struggle or jump into the water, we will do our best to rescue your pets,
however we are not responsible for your pets. There is no problem if your pets can be quiet. We will prepare a life jacket for your dog so please let us know your dog breed and body length in advance. You can rental a life jacket for dog.
Rental fee(Life jacket for dog):1,000 yen

Reservations are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Instructors select courses every day according to the season and weather.