Suwako Kayak Tour takes 2 hours!
We have three tours per day. 
Up to 15 people per tour.
Please meet at least 10 minutes before the start of the tour.

Part 1  8:00〜10:00 

Part 2 10:30〜12:30

Part 3 13:00〜15:00


Adults $50(¥ 5,000 )
Children $35(¥ 3,500 )

We prepare life jackets for children from 85cm tall to adults of XXL size.

Business Day

Please see the booking calendar. You can see the business days and available times.
Advance reservations are required, and internet reservations are accepted up to the day before the reservation date.
For same day reservations, we can guide you along with other guests should there be extra kayaks. In this case please contact us by phone.

You can make a reservation from the calendar on this site.

Meeting Place

post code 392-0027
2-7-21 Kogan-street,Suwa,Nagano,Japan      
Departures and arrivals are from “Beniya Marina”, across the road from “Hotel Beniya”!

Tour details

Designed by Yui Ozawa

Case for Part 1

8:00 Meeting / Reception → Safety training

8:20 Departure! 
    Aim for Hatsushima, a floating island in Lake Suwa!

9:00 Let’s try landing on the floating island [Hatsushima] !
(But, we can not land on the island between summer
because there are preparation of fireworks.
In other words, you can see it up close in summer!)
    Let’s take a picture and have a break!

9:30 Intermittent Spring Eruption!!
You can see the it from the lake, gushing up to about 5m!

10:00 Return / Break-up

Recommended clothing and items

Clothing that can get wet (quick drying material: jersey or polyester)
・Rainwear (depending on the weather)
Change of clothes
Hat (prevention for heat stroke)
・Plastic bag (for your spare change of clothes)

As long as you follow the instructions and kayak safely, you will not capsize. However, just in case, we would like to suggest that you prepare towels and a spare change of clothes. If you capsize you will be completely drenched. Your pants will get wet due to splashing and water from the paddles, so please come in clothes that you are fine with getting wet in.


We apply for liability insurance. Liability insurance compensates for damages incurred by the instructor. We can prepare accident insurance if you would like. Please contact us when making a reservation in advance. Accident insurance covers the cost of treatment in the event that a guest injured or suffers from heat stroke.

Cancellation Policy

The tour may have to be cancelled suddenly due to strong winds or lightning. No cancellation fee will be charged if tours are cancelled due to weather conditions. In other cases, the cancellation fee will be charged as follows.

On the day: 100% of the tour fee
The day before: 50% of the tour fee
3 days prior: 30% of the tour fee